About Us

Pete Bob Trescothik is a 18-year-old teenager with an unfortunate habit of bumping off the people around him. He is loveable and energetic, but can also be very violent and a bit standoffish.

His first victim was his half brother, Roland Mitchell Diaz, who he killed because he used a word he didn’t particularly like. He hopes to kill again very soon.

He is Italian who defines himself as pansexual. He is currently at school. He is obsessed with milkshake.

Physically, Pete is in pretty good shape. He is short with dark chocolate skin, brown hair and brown eyes. He has Scratch on the cheek from tustle with Roland Mitchell Diaz just before killing him..

He grew up in an upper class neighbourhood. Having never really known his parents, he was raised in a series of foster homes.

Pete goes to Uptown School, where his favourite subjects are business studies, maths, philosophy and politics and economics. He loves his teacher Mr Simmons but hates Miss Rogers whose interests include putting children in detention for no reason.

He is currently single. His most recent romance was with a lab assistant called Caleb Philip Perry, who was 3 years older than him. They broke up because Caleb wanted to be with somebody more vibrant.

Pete’s best friend is a teenager called Amara Green. They are inseparable. He also hangs around with Libby Ruiz and Ali Mclaughlin. They enjoy swimming together.